The Finder Series

Quirky Unconventional Mysteries: The Finder Series introduce Madonna "Maddie" McCullagh, the woman who can find anything - for a price. Maddie's idiosyncratic personality and unconventional methods leads readers on a quirky, adventure as her talent for locating lost objects just might save the world.

FINDING MADONNA (Novel #1 of The Finder Series)

Madonna McCullagh - aka "Maddie" to everyone except for her overprotective Irish mother - can find anything, for a price. It says so right on her cheerful business cards.

Maddie ekes out a modest living recovering lost pets, jewelry, and other sentimental objects when they go missing. Whether racing against the clock to retrieve a wedding gown less than two hours before the big ceremony, helping the local police locate a smoking gun, or finding a misplaced giraffe, Maddie's idiosyncratic personality and unconventional methods always get the job done. She's had some bizarre cases before, but when a new client hires her to find one of the seven deadly sins, Maddie has to pull out all the stops to deliver the goods and avert a global catastrophe. Assisted by her hyperactive best friend Deedee and the no-nonsense Officer Geoff Roman - who seems oblivious to her advances - Maddie has to juggle a mischievous ferret, a wayward grandmother, and the biggest case of her life before time runs out.

FINDING MADONNA, the first book in the quirky Finder series, is a fast-paced, zany (and sometimes downright absurd) mystery. Maddie doesn't solve murders, but she can find anything - except for some reason, socks that go missing in the dryer.

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FOR DEATH BY OWNER (Book #4 in the Hurriane Arly Mysteries): When Arly Briggs comes the D.C. in search of an old college friend, she quickly realizes something is terribly wrong. Her friend Rosita vanishes, and Arly needs Maddie McCullagh's unique finding abilities. In this tangled crossover between the Hurricane Arly mysteries and the Finder series, Maddie leads them on a merry chase to recover missing ballet slippers and a giant macaw while Arly is trying to untangle the mystery of three bodies hidden in a basement and avoid the scary thug who's stalking her all over Maryland. When locating Rosita becomes a priority for the local police, Arly and Maddie must work together to find her first.

FINDING MOMENTUM (Book #2 in the Finder Series): Maddie's thinking about adding true love to the short list of things she can't find. In between a series of odd blind dates and awkward encounters with her ex-sortof-boyfriend, Maddie manages to locate a missing heirloom, a wayward zebra, and a priceless collectible. But when a disgruntled past client kidnaps the person she cares about most, Maddie races against the clock to find the next deadly sin in order to ransom DeeDee from the clutches of a deranged crook.