The Hurricane Arly Mysteries

Cozy Mysteries: The Hurricane Arly Mysteries, a series of novels following Arly Briggs' journey as she starts a new life full of mystery and impossibly handsome Hollywood actors. A force of nature, Arly finds murder and mayhem wherever she goes. Lighthearted and intriguing, The Hurricane Arly series are quick reads full of zany characters and rapid twists.

WITH THIS RING, I THEE DEAD (Novel #1 The Hurricane Arly Mysteries)

Wherever Hurricane Arly goes, trouble follows.

After a political scandal destroyed her career, Arly Briggs returns home to the small Texas town where she'd grown up just in time to attend the wedding of her childhood sweetheart to her arch nemesis. Because of their decades of rivalry, when the bridezilla is murdered moments before walking down the aisle, Arly is the police's prime suspect.

WITH THIS RING, I THEE DEAD, Arly must use her near-perfect recall and talent for uncovering people's darkest secrets to reveal the real killer and prove her own innocence, all while searching for the perfect hobby. Together with her lifelong best friend Donna Beth, her reclusive, artistic aunt, and an unruly pack of mongrel strays, Arly must uncover buried secrets and unravel years of petty resentments to discover the truth. Even with her imminent arrest looming over her head, Arly finds it impossible to resist the charm and mega-watt grin of Brody Montana, a gorgeous TV star in town for the wedding. Her investigation is hampered by rabid fangirls, ancient grudges from old schoolmates, and a wildfire threatening to destroy Arly's hometown. When her dogged search for the truth uncovers an enormous marijuana growing operation, Arly discovers that the real murderer is the last person she could have imagined.

An exciting cozy mystery with a dash of romance, WITH THIS RING, I THEE DEAD is the first of the heartfelt Hurricane Arly Mysteries. Surrounded by mayhem and murder, Arly must use her determination and attention to detail to prevail in even the toughest situations.

More stories coming soon!

LIGHTS, CAMERA, ASSASSINATION (Book #2): Brody Montana returns to Sweetland with the cast and crew of the enormously popular television series Redwood Waters, filming on location in Texas. Just as she's getting used to having Brody around, one of the handsome costars is brutally murdered and Arly's debit card is found at the scene. Balancing a dangerous murder investigation, a frustrating case of stolen identity, crazed fangirls, and the grueling pace of a television set is enough to crack even the most determined person, but Arly is up for the challenge!

ANOTHER DEATH IN PARADISE (Book #3): When a huge convention comes to Austin, Arly is looking forward to seeing her jet-setting boyboyfriend, and nothing is going to get in their way - until a talent agent's body is found and mayhem ensues. Arly Briggs has learned her lesson to not get involved in murder investigations, but when her friend is arrested, she springs into action. Between juggling everyday life, a chaotic convention, and discovering yet another murder victim, Arly still finds a way to foil a terrorist plot and get some quality time with the man of her dreams.

FOR DEATH BY OWNER (Book #4): When Arly Briggs comes the D.C. in search of an old college friend, she quickly realizes something is terribly wrong. Her friend Rosita vanishes, and Arly needs Maddie McCullagh's unique finding abilities. In this tangled crossover between the Hurricane Arly mysteries and the Finder series, Maddie leads them on a merry chase to recover missing ballet slippers and a giant macaw while Arly is trying to untangle the mystery of three bodies hidden in a basement and avoid the thug who's stalking her all over Maryland. When locating Rosita becomes a priority for the local police, Arly and Maddie must work together to find her first.