Cozy Mysteries: The Hurricane Arly Mysteries, a series of novels following Arly Briggs' journey as she starts a new life full of mystery and impossibly handsome Hollywood actors. A force of nature, Arly finds murder and mayhem wherever she goes. Lighthearted and intriguing, The Hurricane Arly series are quick reads full of zany characters and rapid twists through an ever changing landscape.

The Hurricane Arly Mysteries

WITH THIS RING, I THEE DEAD (Novel #1 The Hurricane Arly Mysteries)

WITH THIS RING, I THEE DEAD, a 72,500-word cozy mystery, is the first in a series of books that follow Arly Briggs' transformation as she starts a new life of murder and intrigue. Once one of the Washington elite, after her very public fall from grace, Arly is forced to move back home to the tiny backwater town of Sweetland, Texas - just in time for the love of her life's wedding to her mortal enemy. When the bride is found murdered on her wedding day, all eyes focus on Arly as the prime suspect.

As Arly tries to untangle a list of suspects longer than her arm and pinpoint the source of the drugs flooding into her sleepy hometown, she meets the outrageously handsome Brody Montana, the star of his own hit TV series. Despite swearing off men in general and cowboys in particular, Arly soon finds herself falling for the tall superstar. While it looks like he might return her interest, her ex is trying to worm her way back into her life and Arly must decide between the man she once wanted to spend her life with and a gorgeous man who might not be exactly who he seems.

Then again, if Arly can't solve the bridezilla's murder before she's arrested and charged, her love life will be the least of her worries.