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I write cozy mysteries, quirky unconventional mysteries, and paranormal urban fiction featuring strong female characters caught in unusual situations.

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Cozy Mysteries: In The Hurricane Arly Mysteries, Arly Briggs - a force of nature - finds murder and mayhem wherever she goes. Lighthearted and intriguing, The Hurricane Arly series are quick reads full of zany characters and rapid twists.

Mysteries: The Finder Series introduce Madonna "Maddie" McCullagh, the woman who can find anything - for a price. Maddie's idiosyncratic personality and unconventional methods leads readers on a quirky adventure as her talent for locating lost objects just might save the world.

Paranormal Fiction: The Unnatural Misadventures of Elle York, features monster hunter Elle York and her tight-knit group of friends. I write old-fashioned creature-feature fiction in a modern setting, character-driven paranormal mysteries, and frightening tales with a comedic twist because I want to make people enjoy being afraid of the dark.

The Hurricane Arly Mysteries

WITH THIS RING, I THEE DEAD (Novel #1 of The Hurricane Arly Mysteries)

Wherever Hurricane Arly goes, trouble follows.

After a political scandal destroyed her career, Arly Briggs returns home to the small Texas town where she'd grown up just in time to attend the wedding of her childhood sweetheart to her arch nemesis. Because of their decades of rivalry, when the bridezilla is murdered moments before walking down the aisle, Arly is the police's prime suspect.

WITH THIS RING, I THEE DEAD, Arly must use her near-perfect recall and talent for uncovering people's darkest secrets to reveal the real killer and prove her own innocence, all while searching for the perfect hobby. Together with her lifelong best friend Donna Beth, her reclusive, artistic aunt, and an unruly pack of mongrel strays, Arly must uncover buried secrets and unravel years of petty resentments to discover the truth. Even with her imminent arrest looming over her head, Arly finds it impossible to resist the charm and mega-watt grin of Brody Montana, a gorgeous TV star in town for the wedding. Her investigation is hampered by rabid fangirls, ancient grudges from old schoolmates, and a wildfire threatening to destroy Arly's hometown. When her dogged search for the truth uncovers an enormous marijuana growing operation, Arly discovers that the real murderer is the last person she could have imagined.

An exciting cozy mystery with a dash of romance, WITH THIS RING, I THEE DEAD is the first of the heartfelt Hurricane Arly Mysteries. Surrounded by mayhem and murder, Arly must use her determination and attention to detail to prevail in even the toughest situations.

The Finder Series

FINDING MADONNA (Novel #1 of The Finder Series)

Madonna McCullagh - aka "Maddie" to everyone except for her overprotective Irish mother - can find anything, for a price. It says so right on her cheerful business cards.

Maddie ekes out a modest living recovering lost pets, jewelry, and other sentimental objects when they go missing. Whether racing against the clock to retrieve a wedding gown less than two hours before the big ceremony, helping the local police locate a smoking gun, or finding a misplaced giraffe, Maddie's idiosyncratic personality and unconventional methods always get the job done. She's had some bizarre cases before, but when a new client hires her to find one of the seven deadly sins, Maddie has to pull out all the stops to deliver the goods and avert a global catastrophe. Assisted by her hyperactive best friend Deedee and the no-nonsense Officer Geoff Roman - who seems oblivious to her advances - Maddie has to juggle a mischievous ferret, a wayward grandmother, and the biggest case of her life before time runs out.

FINDING MADONNA, the first book in the quirky Finder series, is a fast-paced, zany (and sometimes downright absurd) mystery. Maddie doesn't solve murders, but she can find anything - except for some reason, socks that go missing in the dryer.

The Unnatural Misadventures of Elle York

UNNATURAL ORIGINS (Novel #1 of The Unnatural Misadventures of Elle York)

UNNATURAL ORIGINS, a dark Urban Fantasy / Horror novel, is the first in a series of books that follow Elle York, a twenty-seven year old who is desperate to prove to the world that monsters exist. When she gets a tip about a Bigfoot traipsing around rural Maryland, Elle jumps at the chance to get the evidence she needs to convince everyone she's not crazy, but stumbles across a ghastly mutilated corpse in the woods instead. After teaming up with a ruggedly attractive, yet ill-tempered local detective, Elle finds out that the creatures lurking in the shadows are far more dangerous than she had ever imagined.

Torn between completing her original mission to expose the secret that monsters are real so she can clear her mother's name and trying to protect her new friends in the tiny rural town, Elle must find the strength inside herself to battle bloodthirsty trolls and the twisted forces that created them even though she is inexperienced, outnumbered, out of her depth. As the body count rises, Elle must face her fears, and her past, to stop the abominations before they stop her.

Follow Elle York's journey from armchair cryptozoologist to tough-as-nails monster hunter in Unnatural Origins, a fast-paced, gritty supernatural thriller that should be read with the lights on and the doors locked.